I believe that...

By: Contrarian

....You knew virtually nothing about Harvey Hyde prior to earlier today.  If you did, you would have known he was not 8-37 at UNLV.  Far from it.  I think you looked up his record and decided the guy was a failed coach who was not qualified to comment on USC.  it is understandable, since the record is right there on Wikipedia and looks shockingly bad...you just didn't read the fine print.

Now you are doing everything you can to justify your initial position.

If I'm wrong...my humble apologies...seriously.

...I'm not a big Harvey Hyde fan. I do like people, places and events to be at least somewhat accurately portrayed here. When I see a misconception or a falsehood posted, I'll usually try to correct it.  Harvey is a flawed human like the rest of us. His UNLV players had a rap sheet longer than Tark's basketball players.  I just don't buy into the fact that he needs to have been a USC head coach to be able to critique the program.  In fact by him not being one, he doesn't have to pull his punches, and he doesn't. 




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