What I knew about Harvey Hyde is the

By: Java

Same thing I know and that other guy they love to quote. The dude who when you look him up was once an assistant ad at like Alabama A&m??? And yet he marches to practice w a portable camera and Icrophone. Writes something and is suddenly an expert critic on professional college coaches? Is that guys name dan something? Anyway. I knew both of them were worthless turds who had either accomplished little or nothing and werre spoutont off and being called “coach” and stuff like that. No I didn’t know Hyde’s record. When I did look it up and actually found HOW worthless his coaching career had been? Yeah. Even more shocked people would listen to a guy who 1 hadn’t coached in forever and 2 never accomplished much Sorry. Winning the old PCAA and going to the raisin bowl (I didn’t make that up. I lived there. That’s what it was) is not impressive. It was like winning a jc championship. And then having it all fished away and then being tossed due to declining record and recruiting thugs? Laughable. So no. I confess. Didn’t know his full record. Just saw an old blowhard. Was right. The actually knowledge makes it worse What’s even funnier to me is that you say oh gosh. You didn’t know. 9-37!!! He was really special!! Boy are you ignorant about the record. Lol. Oh. Yeah. Sorry. Like if he had gone 37-0 if I’d have felt any different. It was unlv 1983. They sucked. Shoot He had Randall Cunningham playing jc football and still couldn’t win every game. So there. There what I knew. I still find the guy being leaned on for his expert opinion and advice as comical.
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