How sweet of you.

By: Smokey

Helton is a nice man. Much better than Dumb and Dumber before him.  Just don't think he has the skills or the coaches around him (his fault) to get the job done.  And by job done, I mean compete for the NC.  10 win seasons are nice.  40+ point blow outs, giving up most yards EVER in history on D on average over the season, not so much.  Not tackling in practice, etc.  I don't base my opinions ONLY on feeling or emotion.  I try and look at the facts.

Look, you have your opinion, I have mine.

Be interesting to see you (or other Helton supporters) build a case on how he has proven that he has the killer instinct to win an NC.  I'm all ears, seriously.  Not here to quickly dismiss your ideas, be glad to listen and hope I'm wrong in my own assessments.  The onld "Did SC go 8-4" and other insulting crap is old and tired.

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