Word is he makes $5M/year ...

By: Smokey

... 10th highest paid coach in CFB.  Not sure what new deal looks like.  Not chump change, either, for someone basically learning on the job and not capable of hiring top-notch assistants.  He wins games (just not the big ones) and he has stabilized the progam.  All good things, not great things in my opinion.

But as long as the fan base is happy with a long him win streak and 10 win seasons, looks like he'll be around for a bit. 

Honestly, I'd be fine if Helton was HC (sseems like a decent manager and nice guy) but hired some assistants to get play-calling, better S&C, and other details that could move the team closer to NC quality.  BIG gap right now between the top-tier programs and SC (and most others, but SC is not most others IMO).

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