Fair enough.

By: Smokey

So other than being "satisfied" with the devil you know, which makes some sense, what should Helton do to take SC to the next level?  I just don't see him taking steps in that direction.

1.  Focus: Define assistant's roles, clean up play calling duties on O, for starters.

2.  Growth: Show improvement during the season, halftime adjustments, etc.

3.  Toughness: Tackle in practice, better S&C program

4.  Compete: Best players play v. favoring vets over younger players

5.  Finish: Playing to win and dominate v. playing down to the level of the team on the other LOS

Seems like there are things he could do to improve the level of play, build confidence, stomp on the teams with inferior talent, and compete with the better teams.

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