Its like restoring classic cars

By: crunchgodabruinknees

There are some diamonds in the rust,  but most classic cars sit around garages of blue-collar guys collecting dust while they put endless time and cost into the never-finished restoration.

The few that get finished are more often owned by the privileged wealthy who can afford to start with a near-finished product and make it shine.                    Its better to be Jay Leno, who takes only the best completed or near completed cars, than to be a Honda Accord/Prius driving UCLA douche who never finishes the 66 Mustang sitting in his garage on blocks dripping oil. Sure every once in a while the blue collar guy finishes a car, putting a decent product out.

We'll take the stars, y'all can take the rust buckets that need tons of work. Meanwhile, you can brag about some victories and big wins from the black and white TV era. Those were classics too, I guess.

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