You only need about 8 to play

By: Old Hickory Trojan

thats five with three backups...there are at least 8 talented kids amoungst the 18 players there...but they need to get stronger, get bigger, and get praised when they do it right and get an ass chewing when they don't...Chuma needs to play every down not just the ones he feels like, Toa should have been playing center not LT, Vorhee's just needs to learn and get bigger, and Jackson needs more snaps....Davis is another kid that needs to get stronger but is probabl the best run blocker they've got but hasn't learned how to pass block...they also need to say healthy so they can stay toghether as a group and ojh ya...USC needs to figure out if they want quick and agile that up tempo means up tempo...otherwise start feeding these kids and get them on.a power diet...IMHO

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