Tee Martin tidbits

By: Old Hickory Trojan

on a few USC offensive recruits...

JT Daniels

When JT showed us that he would be able to reclassify, that was huge. We were on some guys in this class, but when we figured out that he would reclassify, we put all of our attention on getting JT because we felt like he was the best quarterback in next year’s class and if he had been ranked in this year’s class, we felt like he was No. 1, No. 2 guy in that class. -- Martin

Underrated athleticism and underrated strength. Really, really strong guy. I saw him in the weight room in the spring lifting weights, lifting like 85-pound dumbbells, incline bench pressing them, so I thought ‘Wow. This guy is really underrated strength-wise and athletically. Very similar to Sam [Darnold]. Sam was a little underrated coming in and was able to show people what he was capable of doing with his legs. Happy to have JT. -- Martin


- You know what was so cool about JT? When he committed, it was already done. He goes, ‘I’m coming. I’m your quarterback.’ He didn’t want to take any more trips, so the rest of the time when he came after that, he wanted to do install. So JT is like five days into install already and he is un-be-lievable. We’re talking protections, checks at the line of scrimmage, route concepts, run game. His understanding, you’ve got to understand he called his own plays for three years. Literally called the plays. I first recognized it three years ago when they were in a 7-on-7 camp. I’m just kind of watching the 7-on and most of the guys are looking to the sideline and getting signals. I noticed that JT was the one telling everyone what to do. I said, ‘Is he calling his own plays?’ His head coach said, ‘Yea, we don’t bother him. He calls his own plays.’ So you’re looking at a young man that is phenomenal in terms of from the neck up and then the neck down has a great arm, athleticism, things like that. Really excited about that. How it can balance out with the other quarterbacks. -- Martin

Markese Stepp

 When RoJo left, we wanted to get a big pounding back, someone to complement Stephen Carr. He’s the slasher. He’s the make-a-guy-miss-in-space guy. The attitude of offense with four tight ends returning, only losing one offensive lineman, we want to pound the ball a little bit, so we got a big back. -- Martin

Amon Rah St Brown

 [With] Deontay declaring for the draft... That style of receiver is really huge in our offense and Amon-Ra St. Brown really fit the bill. He’s unbelievable at getting open, route running, catching the ball. -- Martin


- He is a monster on the field. Great guy. Speak three languages. Great family. All of that. But on the field, he is a competitive. Plays angry. Strong and just wants to win. Coming from a winning program. Excited to have him. -- Martin

Devon Williams

We wanted to go get some size. And Devon, oh man, the guy can play defense, offense, multiple positions on offense, multiple positions on defense and ultimately when I asked him what do you want to do on the college level, he said receiver. I jumped up. Everybody had me recruiting him as a DB or a linebacker. It was similar to JuJu where everyone was thinking he’d be a safety and JuJu looked at me one day and said ‘I want to play receiver.’ I was like, ‘Stop playing.’ He goes, ‘No. I’m serious. I want to play receiver.’ It worked out for him. -- Martin

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