So now you are using ESPN rankings?

By: Contrarian

You are using ESPN rankings?  Seriously?  

I thought you only used Rivals?   You've preached to this board repeatedly that is the only ranking with any credibility.

Your intellectual honesty here is questionable at best.  You simply use whatever source or stats fit your argument, and discard the ones you previously used if they no longer do so. 

All we heard last year was that only Rivals 5 stars matter.  Nothing else does.  You beat us over the head with this fact at least 10 times in 2017.  Now that USC received five 5-stars commits this year....we hear crickets from you.  You simply ignore it, and find a set of stats that fit your narrative.  

The only ranking system you claimed was valid, until today, was Rivals, which has USC at #1, #10, #6, and #3 the last 4 years.... An average of #5.0.  247/Scout has them averaging 5.0 too.  The Sark debacle in 2015  (#10 class) is the biggest blemish here.  

You predictably find the one service that ranks them 6.75 (still good for 5th place..even on ESPN) and run with it.






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