By: Random79

That list goes back to 2010 and includes things like Klay Thompson getting pulled over for a traffic citation and having a small amount of weed in his car (before pot was legal in the state of Washington).  

The worst of the bunch were probably a couple of football guys arrested following a fight, at an off campus party, where a kid got his jaw broken.

But, cops in Pullman, and WSU campus cops, are notorious for dropping the hammer on things that wouldn't get a second glance in other places. 

Basketball player DeAngelo Casto was arrested back in 2011, when an intrepid Pullman cop was supposedly searching for a possible prowler in an off campus apartment complex, and looked through Casto's kitchen window, seeing him smoking pot, in his own living room, at 1 AM on a Saturday night/Sunday morning. Bingo! Arrested.... and society saved from the dire menace. Charges dropped later.

Nothing to be proud of on that list, nor it's length.   Some thefts and assaults, which aren't tolerated in the least.

But, the vast majority of it isn't exactly the crime wave of the century, either.

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