Not liking this hire

By: Old Hickory Trojan

he is not a good recruiter, had a reputation at Michigan for treating his assistants like shet and some say he was not that well liked at USC but I don't know about that...I do know this however ...his leaving Michigan was not Harbaughs idea ...he and Drevno get along great...which knowing Harbaugh's reputation as a prick says to me it takes one to know one...I would have much preferred if Drevno came back he was as the OL coach nothing more and they jettisoned their current one and found a runningback coach that not only was at least decent at coaching runningbacks and was a great recruiter...Drevno sucked as an OC as I said not my preferred move at all unless he was replacing the OL coach and then even I could put up with him if he is a prick..

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