How many of those are surprises?

By: Java

Hemsley was headed to SDSU and now ASU.  No surprise.  Jalen Greene isn't 30 yet?    No surprise.  I think we read here of one of the Smiths medical retirement.  Two OL and a LB named Smith.  3 Smiths on the roster.  two too many.


Tucker's name I've heard bandied about and lewis is a most unwelcome surprise.  You can beat the law, but you can't beat USC's finger wagging.    Peer Review is a bear.  


So may Cook, Lewis, Tucker ans one Smith is a surprise?  MAYBE?  I have a feeling the coaches knew about all of them except Lewis.  


Just means more room for more kickers, punters and long snappers.  You can never give enough scholarships for those.  Even better if they are blind snappers.  

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