And yet,

By: Shoshone

you don't refute it.  hahahaha....Trojans are so easy.

Do they teach any writing, logic, or debate skills at Serial Cheater University?

If so, they would have taught you that bashing Ucla does nothng to negate my point about USC.

In fact, I agree with you about Ucla's football program--50 years of nothing worth mentioning...that's

a fact--not a doubt about it.  We have only had one shot at a national championship in 50 years and we pissed 

that away with some bullshit black protest and a hurricane/Hurricane loss.   BUT, that does not in any way

alter the fact that since teams have to play for national championships, USC has done zero. Zilch. Nada. 

If you guys were just a bit smarter....well, nevermind...keep wasting those 4 and 5 star athletes and thumping

your own one else will.





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