exposing a LIAR

By: San Clemente

This post proves that stats can LIE.  Not a surprise it's posted by someone so fundamentally dishonest.


Any idea what CAUSED those turnovers  genius?  Any idea at all.  Oh, it was just Darnold being Darnold huh? That's why he's going to go number one in the draft because it was ALL his fault.  


Anyone that watched the game could see that SC lost the battle in the trenches.  Anyone, but YOU. 


Did you even notice that the game was NEVER close, and that  Meyer went conservative in the second half because he could.  Probably not.  Doesn't fit your Narative that DARNOLD SUCKS.  Points count. Yards don't. Time of possession doesn't mean squat either. 


Might want to leave your pinky in your, oh what did you call it again, and not shoot your foot off instead of trying to hit a fish in a barrel. sc 

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