You put that shet out there

By: Old Hickory Trojan

everytime to explain Nikias bad behavior and disregard all the items that are documented and as the guy at the top responsible for...and as far as I'm concerned his actiobs or lack there of actions far outweigh anything else you post as positive...from provost to some of the worse hires in USC FB embarassmets on the tarmac, to embarassments by a drug addeled Head coach to the school of medicine whch he knew about well before it went public and he did nothing about as the guy was another used car salesman working for Nikias...and lets not forget the Apology tour and the NCAA sanctions that h ran lack of character...and if thats what you want representing the University fine ...I think he needs to go..and I didn't even mention the Haden hire and rip off while he was collecting paychecks from just about everyone in LA for his family and himself...what a joke that was...

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