I happened ot have a detailed

By: crunchgodabruinknees

knowledge of specific improvements he has pushed forward. His vision and strtegy of improvement has worked. How he has staffed, rebuilt, grown and solidified improvements is known to me. I dont love the low-key approach with the NCAA, but from an institutional viewpoint they played it safe. I'm also much closer to the case than you are. Theyve done more than you know

Haden had been a BOT that had successfully raised tons of money, was a USC Qb, and NFL player and media figure so his hiring  as AD shouldn't be entirely surprising. The Tarmac and Haden Kiffin fuckfest is on Haden. 

I want someone who commands the respect of the deans and academic staff that face the students and programs-he does.

I want someone who has a successful vision, strategy, style, and program that builds excellence--he does and has

I want a fundraiser that can get people to come to the table--he is.

You look short term like a football fan wanting "it" now. He is building for the long term in addition to the very rapid improvements. "Further and faster" is true.

He has outpaced every previous president of USC and every other President of any US universityy. name one that has pulled off anything approaching what he has, I like quick too.

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