Don't you get it

By: Old Hickory Trojan

I don't care ...those don't measure up to his failings...He failed to act like anyone that had any kind of moral backbone in some important areas...the NCAA sanctions, the FB hirings, the Haden Hiring, the apology tour, the lack of admonishment at his AD for skiiping out on his responsibilities in Indianapolis because of his gay son, his family nepotism and allowing the guy to have multiple jobs pulling in millions whil he was supposed to be the caretaker over the athletic programs, and the big one...the Keck Medical School coverup and endangerment to patients that he allowed ot happen and then the hiring and firing of the replacment when the sad truth about this character was exposed as well..all this wipes out any good you beleive he has done because the damages for anyone with an inch of character far outwigh those achievements...

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