there was no "Keck Cover Up"

By: crunchgodabruinknees

You get sued and lose millions if you don't follow a process. They put the squeeze on Keck-Dean following HR process. with disciplinary actions and training. It sucks but that's how the world works. They forced him to resign--he did roughly one year before the LA Times smeared SC. IT was handled professionally in a  modern way, perhaps beyond your experience.

Haden had his multiple gigs, income and interests before during and after his BOT time and AD gig Haden did A++++ in 1/2 his job and C to D work in the rest. He was replaced by Nikkias, too. Haden actually implemented some very good compliance systems and professional accountability that is gigantically improved over 1/2 assed jock nonsense that came from Garrett. It left us defenseless against the NCAA-- we couldn't claim we tried very hard. Those antiquated perfunctory lightweight approaches pre-dated Nikkias to the Sample era--well before nikkias as Provost also.

Sorry its the 21st century. 

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