We are not talking about the SEC

By: Old Hickory Trojan

dumbarse...we are talking about a school prz that knowingly kept a fdrug abusing sex addict in charge of the med school and allowing him to still be paid and work on patients after his addictions were well known...and a guy that was provost when the lack of institutonal control occured...and a guy that decided to hide when the NCAA came calling and hired a guy that went on apolgy tours, claimed USC was guilty as charged, refused to do his duty as AD and attend the NCA meetings in Indianapolis because his son was gay, hired fanil and worked multiple jobs while claiming to be over the athletic program all the while Nikias did nothing, allowed the hiring and embarassments of two head coaches, fired under embarassing circunstance both head coaches , didn't do anything to the Mde School director until he had no choice and risked the lives of that doctors patients and then replaced hi with another stooge who he had to dump...so stay on point this topic is about Nikias...

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