the "complaints" were this

By: crunchgodabruinknees

according to the investigation

a) he fell asleep at a conference

b) he was seen as disengaged and

c) He was seen as tired.

They did not see a whole litany of wild things you exaggerate about. He was out of his Dean job 10 days after the phone call to Nikkias's office, that is three weeks after the prostitute OD event at a hotel. Go to the details not your puffery if you want to make an argument. Senior managers and employees occasionally do fucked up things, particularly rich powerful ones. that isn't unique to USC, Nikkias, or this former Dean. Drug users are i herently unstable and unreliable, ALWAYS. Some are good liars like this well credentialed, pwowerful, Harvard grad one with big credentials and reputation that helped protect him.

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