It was reported he had

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done drugs and had sex in his office at USC....I would suspect that was on campus...he had complaints filed by students and a few administrators at USC...I would susupect that those comlaints were also on here you go

"While university administrators received many complaints about Puliafito's drinking and temper over the years, they have said they were blindsided by his use of methamphetamine and other drugs while running the Keck School of Medicine. In a letter announcing Yang's investigation, President C.L. Max Nikias wrote, "It is crucial we understand how these events occurred."

USC faced a choice five years ago: Keep Dr. Carmen Puliafito at the helm of the Keck School of Medicine or replace him.

"As dean, Puliafito had brought in star researchers, raised hundreds of millions of dollars and boosted the school's national ranking — all critical steps in USC's plan to become an elite research institution.

But what might have been an easy decision to renew his appointment was complicated by a groundswell of opposition from the medical school's faculty and staff.

Keck employees had complained repeatedly about what they considered Puliafito's hair-trigger temper, public humiliation of colleagues and perceived drinking problem, and many were adamant he be removed, according to current and former university employees as well as four letters of complaint reviewed by The Times."


"As a representative of USC, the Dean is an embarrassment to our School and the University," one Keck professor wrote in a March 2012 letter to the university provost.

Still, USC President C.L. Max Nikias opted to reappoint Puliafito, giving him a new five-year term with an annual salary of more than $1 million.

Puliafito's problems escalated. As The Times has reported, he partied with a circle of addicts, prostitutes and other criminals who said he used drugs with them, including on campus.

Late Friday, hours after the newspaper informed USC it was preparing to publish this story, Nikias sent a letter to the campus community acknowledging that the university received "various complaints about Dr. Puliafito's behavior" during his nearly decade-long tenure as dean."

"But interviews with two dozen of Puliafito's former colleagues suggest that complaints about his behavior were widespread and that at least some reached USC's upper management. The colleagues said Puliafito's

conduct hurt morale and posed a risk to the school's reputation.

"There were complaints about his demeanor, behavior and manner," said Jody Shipper, who headed USC's equity and diversity office for more than a decade. She left in 2015.

James Lynch, who was the medical school's human resources director for five years, said employees came to him "fairly regularly" about misbehavior by Puliafito, including rudeness and suspected drunk driving.

"Many of the people who worked for him complained about the difficulty of just being around him," Lynch said.

Current Keck dean Dr. Rohit Varma told a gathering of medical school students this month that Puliafito had received treatment for alcoholism."

Concerns about him were contained in lengthy written evaluations in 2012 that were assembled to help determine Puliafito's fitness for a second term.

"Everybody I knew trashed him, and he still got [re]hired," said former USC ophthalmology professor Dr. Kenneth L. Lu, who moved to UCLA in 2014.

Many faculty members and staff agreed to speak about Puliafito on the condition of anonymity, citing concerns over their careers. Since The Times' report, USC has hired a crisis management firm to handle press inquiries and instructed employees at Keck not to speak to the media. The school also asked that doctors at an affiliate, Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, refer all Times inquiries about Puliafito back to the university."

The Times investigation published earlier this month found that the dean spent long hours partying with a group of younger addicts, prostitutes and other criminals in 2015 and 2016, and brought some to his Keck office in the middle of the night.

USC colleagues recalled that, during the same period, Puliafito was often absent during working hours."

The president also said that in March, The Times did provide the university with "detailed questions about, and a copy of a 911 recording from the Pasadena hotel incident." The recording was "immediately referred to the Hospital Medical Staff," a committee that assesses clinical competency, Nikias said. In the 911 call, Puliafito describes himself as a doctor and the woman who had the overdose as his "girlfriend."

The clinical competency committee "determined that there were no existing patient care complaints and no known clinical issues," the president said.

It wasn't until The Times published its report that the school barred Puliafito from seeing patients and the state medical board launched an investigation of him."



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