The LA times wrote as liberal

By: crunchgodabruinknees

papers do with a firm eye towards an attack on an institution. They left out central facts and leaned on innuendo. He was gone from being dean around a year before the article. There was no police report for USC to see and no influence was used by USC to cover-up as you lied about and they suggested.

Its a tempest in a teapot of drug addict stumbling as they do. BFD. Didn't the mayor of Nashville just steal money and have a little sex scandal down there--again its not uncommon. Money + power often produces scandals. Doctors used to be untouchably privileged as did academcis; they fucked around a lot with impugnity.

Im not sure if the bursting teapot is this nothingburger or you. Either way drug addicts are dangerous.

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