Some love to hate Nikkias

By: crunchgodabruinknees

and a couple old poofters assume he is a sheep-fucker because he is Greek (some think they project too much of their own feelings). One crusty old wooden block head curmudgeon  from the town of Deliverance, TN thinks he should be fired because a subordinate did what rich old guys sometimes do. "Football first and damn everything else!" he would say.

This Greek soccer president recently did what these football-firsters would have Nikkias do-- be president of a football team to show up with a gun and threaten the NCAA. They would have "President football"  take reckless action towards the NCAA ignoring the larger long-term issues. After the recent crap by the NCAA on basketball it's emotionally understandable but otherwise insane harkening back to the days of Judge Widney chasing down the lynch mob headed for Chinatown to save lives.

Greek soccer team president protested a disallowed goal with a holstered gun

 Liz Roscher,FC Yahoo 3 hours ago 
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