If Nikias raised the dead his critics would

By: USC66

Accuse him of practicing medicine without a license. If he walked on water they would Accuse him of not being able to swim. While I don’t believe he is perfect or Above criticism his critics refuse to give him any credit for all the good he has done. He and Sample have lead a renaissance at USC moving the school into elite status While remaking the physical campus including a rebuilding of USC’s athletic Facilities which prior to this were the worst in the country. Sample and Nikias Also vastly increased the endowment and money for financial aid. And I want to give shout out to Dr. Norman topping the president in the 1960’s When I was a student who saved the university from bankruptcy and without him The modern USC wouldn’t exist. And while critics will continue chirping USC Is now one of the most desirable schools according high school students Looking too enroll in
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