Did they change bag-men too?

By: crunchgodabruinknees

I heard they did a digital upgrade to the hotline to Emmert's office so they can now send audio, video and text instructions to the NCAA in case they need to rapidly tamp down any outside-of-the-SEC competition or tell the NCAA to ignore violations.

They are working on a Nike drone-based ATM that shoots brown paper bags of hundred dollar bills directly into the homes of recruits cutting out those pesky leaking bagmen. It can launch EB1000 Booster HS Missiles at 3-4 targets simultaneously. The Extra Benefits $1000 Booster Hand Shake Missiles are "fire and forget" ranking locked missiles, meaning the drone can fly away and the cash stays locked course homing in on star recruits delivering cash with no paper trail.

Image result for Russian hypersonic missile

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