Check this out

By: Waldorf

I came across a website for Esperanza High School in Anaheim while doing some research, and I remember they were really good in football when I was a kid.  

I went to their athletic section and was pretty surprised to see this list of football alumni who went on to play in college, and a few in the NFL.  Check out the link, it's pretty impressive. 

The school has only been around since the 1970s, which is pretty recent ATC, so to have produced this many college-level players is impressive.  True, the FBS (or D1) talent at Esperanza has dropped off significantly in recent years, but for a while they produced an awful lot of good players for the college ranks.  

Can your high school boast about this kind of production in as short a time period?  Mine sure as hell can't, and I'd say ATC there are very few schools in the past forty years (with enrollment under 3,000) that can.  It's changed with demographics, but still...pretty impressive run. 


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