All 3 of my kids went there...

By: PaliTrojan

And they were a powerhouse back in the day. Then they built a second HS in YL—Yorba Linda High School—and the halcyon days were over for Esperanza. Talent dilution. Happens to a lot of programs. BTW, most of their other programs were big time (My daughter was an outstanding sprinter on a girls’ track team that took second in state, an amazing accomplishment for an all-white school.) Their rival was Los Al—many epic games. Esperanza was best known for their lines. Funny, I was just in Allen, TX, and saw their $80M, state-of-the-art HS Stadium. What blew my mind, though, was their refusal to build a second HS in Allen as the population exploded. Allan HS liooks like a college, with easily over 10K students. It’s all about football, baby.
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