Impressive array of talent...on paper...

By: Contrarian

The last 4 recruiting classes, beginning in 2015, have had composite rankings (all services combined) of #2, #10, #4, and #4.  That's a lot of highly ranked players piling up.  As you said, a lot of them are the exact types Clancy wants to make his system work.  Heck, even Jonatan Lockett, a 5th year senior who is back from injury and looking very good, was recruited out of Mater Dei by Clancy to play CB for him during his first stint here under Sark.

Washington was #8 in total defense this past year, and even WSU with their 250 pound defensive linemen, was #16.  Meanwhile USC was #68, and gave up 13 plays of 40 or more yards.  

This needs to be the year that changes.  There is no reason in the world why the defense should not be ranked in the Top the Top 10 if truth be told. 

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