Rosen will go in the top 10

By: NJ Trojan

probably top 5

if he gets past Denver at 5, then he could slide to 11 Miami and will not get past Buffalo at 12.  My guess is that if he does get past Denver at 5, then Buffalo is going to trade up to indy at 6 unless they have traded into 2 with the giants or 4 with cleveland (which i hope cleveland does not do).  Rosen does not fall out of the top 10 as someone (buffalo)  will trade into the 6 through 10 spots (indy, tampa, chicago, San fran or oakland) to draft him.

for Rosen to fall out of the top 5 this would have had to happen.

1 Cleveland takes Allen

2 Giants take Darnold

3 Jets take Mayfield

4 Browns take Barkley 

5 Denver take Chubb  


1 Cleveland takes Darnold

2 Giants take Barkley/Chubb

3 Jets take Allen

4 Cleveland takes Chubb/Barkley

5 Denver takes Mayfield


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