Rosen was a BUST IMO

By: PasadenaTrojan

Regardless of how high he is drafted. Career record of 17 wins-15 losses. Career record against usc 0-2. Career bowl record of 0-2. With a chance to win the amazing foster farms bowl he threw his 2nd INT on 4th down and bruins lost to mike Riley’s Cornhuskers. Game before against usc to get ucla to conference championship he led ucla to a lost 40-21. When Chosen signed were the expectations to NEVER beat usc, never win a bowl game and to never play for the conference championship? Well then he underperformed with his expectations. That’s clinical definition of a bust. He got hurt. He didn’t win. He was a distraction off the field. Strike 1,2 and 3. Btw career high of 26 TD passes his freshman year. 23 last year. For the “purest passer” in the draft, Really not that amazing in 13-14 games. Lastly this he’s a high draft pick so he’s not a bust argument. That should make his “success” all the more frustrating. He’s a top draft pick talent and he still delivered ZILCH for the baby blue. Great. He’s all reputation no juice.
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