College success/failure has

By: NJ Trojan

no relation to success/failure in the NFL.

we are talking about a players college career.  Player could suck ass in college and become a HOFer in the NFL but his still sucked ass in college. similiarly a Heismann trophy winner (the pinnacle of college football) goes to the pros and falis miserable, as many already have. It does not tranish his college career.

To many people think the colleges are a "minor" league for the NFL, the are not.  A college coach has ZERO obligation to prepare his players for the NFL, he has one obligation is to win games. Many colleges run "the up tempo Oregon type offense" which does not translate to the NFL. Chip Kelly proved this in his faliure with the Eagles and 49ers.  College Head coaches are going to run the offense that wins them games. As we have seen many "up tempo" QBs from college have difficulty being successful i nthe NFL.

With regards to Rosen, it is clear he and UCLA did not live up to the expectations (unrealistic?) over his college career.  This has no bearing on this future success or failure in the NFL.   

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