Yes, to an extent.

By: Waldorf

Neuheisel was a lousy head coach, but he could recruit like a motherfucker.  Xua-Filo, Barr, Kendricks, Odigzuwa, Marsh, Jones, Zumwalt, Brendel, Fuller, Payton, etc. etc. etc.  ALL better than their later counterparts, ALL better coached and developed.  I'll give Mora credit for Perkins, who was just as good as Franklin in many ways. 

Spanos was a good DC.  Ulbrich was a great LB coach, light years ahead of Scott White.  The staff deteriorated each year under Mora. Did you hear about the disasters known as Polamalu OC, Bradley DC, Klemm OL?  Did you see Rosen running for his life in year 2? 

That program was headed downhill before Rosen even got there.  Mora wanted out, evident in year 4.  Year 5 he was checking out.  Year 6 he mailed it in.  Rosen was probably the ONLY player that kept 2017 from being a winless year. 

One QB can do a lot (Darnold, anyone?), but one QB can't do it all. Wake up. 

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