I guess you missed it

By: Old Hickory Trojan

Georgia started a freshman QB the last two years...Eason two years ago and Fromm last year and just in case you also didn't know chubb had a terrible injury a couple years ago and Michel had injuries during the season to the point that GA two years ago was playing their third and fourth string backs. As far as their OL I have no clue on whether they are better equal or worse then the OLmen USC has returning. Some folks might think that USC has a superior OL since they have so many OLmen returning that have games under their belt. As far as BAMA I stated Championship game...which anyway you want to cut it putting a true frosh QB who didn't play much into a Championship game tells me he was ready to play the whole damn season...based upon his performance in the biggest game in college football..

I also mentioned what UW did with another ture frosh QB...and don't tell me JT Daniels is not a better QB coming out of HS then the kid at UW....afterall he was the Gatoraid HS POY for the whole damn country as well as the best QB on the field at the Army AA game



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