Good coaches know how to

By: Old Hickory Trojan

get the most out of what they have...even when the frosh QB may not have the talent. Browning's talent is limited but he did fine. Hell part of the reason Rosen had a decent frosh campaign was they broought him along slowly give him a lot of short passes for completions to build his confidence...GA did the same with both Eason and Fromm....and obviously Saban brought Tagalova along slowly. I think if the kids got the talent and a decent coaching staff and playcaller his class should have little impact on showing off his talents and starting...on the other hand if the kid is talented but raw you gotta up the ante...take the two local frosh QB's JT and your guy...both talented but I would say your guy is raw and Daniels is more refined.....both will need good coaching but the raw guy will probably need his hand held longer..IMHO


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