At this point last year.

By: San Clemente

The realists noted how Darnold's regression had begun under the current incompetent coaching staff. Following the same pattern as both Barney Barkley and Cody Kessler. 


This year as spring practice winds down, neither Sears not Fink appear to be anything but servicable players. Both poluted by the "system" and the "stay in the pocket and take the sack" coaching for too long. 


Whispers and rumors is that the only hope for next season is that JT Daniels is able to start summer school, so he can participate in summer "practices" before fall camp.  The coaches of course don't think they are the problem. It's just that Sears and Fink don't have "it".   Division of reps and exposure to Western Kentucky coaching is going to be interesting this fall. Probably the less reps the better for Daniels.  Worked for Darnold.


What will it take for Hugs to change his philosophy of never starting freshmen? Remember when the student section was demanding Rob Johnson replace Reggie Perry. Was almost a riot.  My guess is game 4. 


Kid doesn't even shave.  Same worthless "dad's best friend" offensive line coach. Same weak tit strength and conditioning program. At least there was some contact in practice. So that's new and good.  Only good coach from last year's staff left. Lets see how Carr makes it through fall camp. Remember what back surgery did to JT Booty and that Servite linebacker.  


Looking like it's going to be a long season. sc 

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