Doc ..You missed on this take

By: Old Hickory Trojan

Helton has gone on record saying he's not happy with the QB performance and has even gone to point of saying that both kids haven't caught up to the speed of the game. He's put more pressure on these kids during the spring then he's ever done. He knows that becaus they didn't blow a lot of folks out that his backups didn't get a lot of playing time and because of that has as he put it...made both QB's perform with bullets flying at them everywhere. He's let Clancy blitz and rush the hell out of the kids and has even said 7 on 7 does show them a dman thing about how the QB's wil react to game like conditions. As far as Darnold you should have watched the interview with Palmer that I posted regarding Sam...he said he's known Sam since his days at San Clemente High and the kid's approach to football has always been a high risk hig gain approach...he's always carried the ball with one hand so that when he improvises he can get the pass off quickly rather then puttin it on both hands and not being able to react to the conditions as quickly. He said that approach can lead to big plays or big turnovers. He said Sam has a mentality that he looks to take chances and it's in his I suggst therr was no regression in San from coaching but merely an increase in turnovers with a team that was breaking in new receivers and didn't have a great OL. 

By the way ..he also said JT Daniels is a more complete QB then USC has had in quite awhile an that the kid was going arm to arm with the guys at the Elite 11 when he was in Junior high...he also praised how quickly the kid ca pick up the offesne and make reads and progressions..he exects him to take over this team sometime during the season


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