Let me quote Palmer again

By: Old Hickory Trojan

He said the differences between being a great CFB QB and translating that to the Pros has grown dramatically...he pointed out the call DeShan Watson called to win the NC and said it was five words and he repeated them...he then went to say to call that same play in the NFL by checking down against an NFL Defesne would take more then 25 words...and he actually called the play and beleive me it was long...he used that as an example to tell the difference between CFB and the NFL and what a QB has to grow into ....I bleive the same thing could be said about going from HS to a major college FB program...it takes more then physical talent to make that transition at QB...and it appaears neither Sears nor Fink have gotten it yet...as talented as Sears is..it's obvious watching film and listening to Helton when he says the kids are not seeig what they need to do quickly enough and are late on their throws...which explains their ineffectiveness...

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