Here you go

By: Old Hickory Trojan

1.) No blow outs = no backup time

2.) Why no blow outs = turnovers and lack of production in the red zone and a kicker that was inconsistent

3.)Never said the offense was too complicated...afterall Barkley learned it as a frosh, Darnold learned it as a redshirt frosh

4.)QB's are just not making decisions that align with the speed of the game...and neither is accurate enough to throw into small windows...not a good combination but then agains USC might have one of the better D's in the country with a lot of athletes that can move...they may not have to deal with that too many times during the season

5.)You've got it wrong USC doesn't have one guy calling plays with a wonderlick of 11 it has three and even if all three were 11 it would add up to 33:)

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