many Trojans here would...

By: LA Duck straight-up Clay Helton for Chip Kelly?

That's really the conversation to be had.

Not "is Pete Carroll a better coach than Chip Kelly?"

It's very clear Pete has accomplished much more than Chip.

But does that make Chip a bad coach?

Does that make Chip less likely to finally win a national championship?

The other point here is that Carroll is not coaching either USC or UCLA right now.

Kelly is.

You guys are savages on here.  Some great and funny stuff below.

But the question really should be who is a better coach:  Clay Helton or Chip Kelly?

Stew on that for a sec.


(Psst....I'll give you all a clue, the same one I gave to Augie years ago....if USC hired Chip, it's very likely that USC, with all of its recruiting advantages and tradition, would never lose.) 


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