I don't want Chip Kelly and

By: Old Hickory Trojan

that is not saying Helton is a better coach...but Kelly has baggage that I don't want him bringing to USC. I also think Kelly proved his gimmic offense didn't work in the NFL...and so many teams are now playing that style I don't think he has an advantage anymore and I believe the NCAA also passed a couple rules that Kelly didn't have to deal with....I also think Helton is a better man then Kelly when it comes to the way he treats his players and what he beleives in...but even with all that I think Kelly is a better coach. But all Helton needs to do to overcome that is upgrade his assistants but unfortunately he has a loyalty there that interfers with that process. 

In other words the biggest handicap Helton has to Kelly is he hasn't upgraded his staff. If he was to upgrade his staff with what USC has going for it...Kelly would be playing second fiddle in LA ..as it is right now...who knows where this is going to go..I sure the hell don't.

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