None that will admit it.

By: Waldorf

As head coach at UCLA, Chip Kelly is fat, he's lousy, he's never won a national championship, he's gimmicky, he can't recruit, his offenses are outdated, he hates defense, he's a prick, he treats his players like s*** and he's as worthless as tits on a boar. 

The USC faithful would rather have Gomer Pyle as head coach because he's such a better man. All he has to do is hire the right assistants and everything is going to be hunky-dory!!

The truth is, and everyone knows it, if Chip Kelly had been hired as the head coach at USC, the trogans would be instant contenders for national championships, and the USC faithful would be wetting themselves every minute of every day. They all know it but they won't admit it because Kelly is at UCLA.

They'd rather have Gomer. Isn't that sweet?

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