It's really...unreal.

By: Waldorf

Temps about 20-25 degrees below average.  Winds up to 35 mph.  Yesterday broke the record for a single day snowfall in April in Minnesota, and combined with what we're getting today it's going to break the record for April snowfall for the entire month.  PLUS...this storm is likely to break into the top 20 snowfalls in the metro area of all time.  And it's APRIL!!!

I may not go to work tomorrow, I haven't decided.  Snow is going to keep falling until close to midnight tonight, and the snow drifts on my front walkway are up to my waist.  Screw it, I'm not going to be shoveling that at midnight. 

The weather service is calling this storm "historic", and they're not wrong in many respects.  Highly unusual for April.  

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