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By: crunchgodabruinknees

Chip Kelly Was Not Who We Thought He Was


Looks like Doug Pederson will be the next Eagles head coach, and so I'll close the chapter on Chip Kelly by recounting how he was just simply not the guy we thought we were getting, who we were told we were getting, who we hoped we were getting, who we so desperately wanted to believe would lead us to the top of the NFL mountain.

By Dan Klausner  Jan 15, 2016, 10:01am EST

The fact of the matter is, we were fooled by a false prophet, hoodwinked by the promise of a revolution. Chip Kelly swashbuckled into town with an earned reputation for being aggressive and ballsy, for pushing the limits and demanding a breakneck, exciting brand of football. …

Throughout everything, Chip never even tried to adjust, never even tried to change, never even tried to so much as tweak his philosophies. This was a guy who was supposed to have a system that maximized the talents of his players, that conformed to their skill sets and exhibited flexibility. Instead, Kelly cloaked his rigidity and tyrannical nature in a Jim Jonesian devotion to "culture" that proved to be nothing more than empty lip service -- a heaping pile of bullshit for a variety of reasons (see: Riley Cooper), perhaps none as galling as eschewing directly communicating with his players, much less trying to relate to them as humans. Bottom line: Chip Kelly's teams got worse in each of his three seasons as coach, and Chip himself got worse as well. There was no tangible improvement anywhere, highlighted by an egomaniacal power play to rule over the front office. The arrow was pointing down, in NFL jargon, and the track record for coaches who don't win a playoff game in their first three seasons is not kind. The rest of the league caught up to Chip in a hurry, resulting in a subsequent regression that was undeniable, stark and ugly. The 2014 team was a 9-3 mirage propped up by fluky, unsustainable non-offensive touchdowns and saw its luck run out in December. The 2015 team was an immediate dumpster fire that never clicked and couldn't get untracked. Almost every major personnel move failed, some to the worst possible degree. The whole thing was DOA.



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