Chip Kelly2 = JR2

By: Contrarian

Times change.  John Robinson, who I met several times, was  a very good coach the first time around.  He got fat and lazy in his later years however.  That was already obivous in his later years with the Rams... It is the primary reason why the JR II era did not worki.

Chip looks like a giant tub of goo right now.  Similar to JR, he didn't exactly exude energy at his last NFL stop.   Being a College football head coach is an 80 hour a week job.  I'm not convinced that someone Chip's size has the stamina or interest level to do it.  He seemed to be settling for lower rated guys to bring into this past year's recruiting class instead of going head to head with Oregon, USC, etc. for higer ranked guys.  It was a lackluster effort.

I don't think too many people feel a buzz of energy coming out of Westwood right now.

Add the above to the fact that seemingly half of college football runs his offense right now, so defenses are prepared for it, and it's hard to be too fearful of Chip being across town.  In Kelly's defense, it is hard to turn down a guaranteed $23.3M.   I think that was the primary motivating factor of him returning.

I'm not overly high on the Helton either, but all things considered, he's probably about a wash with Chip from a standpoint of which one I'd like to see coaching the Trojans.



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