Holy Crap!...read my post more carefully...

By: Contrarian

You're usually a reasonable poster too.  I'm surprised you misquoted me on this one.  I never said I'd prefer him like you claim I did.   I said, at this point, it is about a wash.  I'm by no means convinced Clay is a great coach, but he has brought in back-to-back #4 recruiting classes.  That carries weight with me.

As far as rationalizing bringing Chip in, what the hell else are we supposed to do?   Go on blind faith based on his last great stint with the 49ers? 

His presence at Westwood has not been as overwhelming as I thought it would be to date.   The guy was recruiting 2-star offensive linemen for god's sake.  FIVE guys he brought in were not in the national top 1000 recruits.  FIFTEEN of his recruits are ranked lower than USC's lowest ranked recruit, and that kid, Liam Douglas, is looked at as a long term project at best by USC fans.  It was a lazy effort in my book.

This is not 2010 again.  USC is not mired in sanctions. UW is a legitimate powerhouse.  You are welcome to think that the Chipster is going to win big without an equal level of talent due to his "decided schematic advantage".   I don't necessarily think that will be the case this time around....but then what the hell do I know?  Probably about as much as you.  

Time will tell.

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