Facts only facts

By: Old Hickory Trojan

we all know Peterson interviewed for the job but he and Haden id not hit it off when Haden demanded that he be involved with the control of the program

we also know Sumlin tried to get the job and had articles written about it and got an extension from A&M with the threat even though he was never a serious candidate with Haden

we know DelRio wanted the job and tried to get it twicw...first time he could not get out of his NFL contract and the second time he was not pursued

we know Fisher had feelers out as he was unhappy at FSU and his salary and buy out wer two obstacles USC wasn't going to go for...and since that seems to be the one you have the most trouble with ...here you go from CBS news

"A source told McMurphy that USC never talked with Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly, but school officials did have discussions with a representative of FSUcoach Jimbo Fisher and former Rutgerscoach Greg Schiano -- along with other current NFL coaches and assistants".

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