You guys need to listen to the guy

By: Old Hickory Trojan

who has known Sam since he was in SanClemente HS and has been coaching him up including for the NFL've got it all wrong...he said Sam is a high risk high reward QB that it's in his DNA. He also said his carrying of the ball low with one hand is the way he prefers to carry it because it affords him the ability when he is scrambling to get the ball off quickly rather then using two hands to secure it...he also said that breaking in new receivers who didn't provide much separation while at the same time not fighting for the ball put a lot of pressure on him to throw into very tight windows and impacted his profile of being the gambler he was....not once did he say that Sam had digressed under Heltons coaching...but he did take notice that Darnold having to wait for calls on the sideline in certain games

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