Clay Helton on Sam Darnold

By: Old Hickory Trojan

this might put some of the shet being spread across this board to rest...

Helton believes that turnovers won't plague Darnold, 20, in the NFL as they did in college. At USC, he threw 22 interceptions in two seasons, and lost 14 of his 21 fumbles in 27 starts. In 2017, he threw 13 interceptions against 26 TDs and lost nine fumbles.

"He has a 2:1 ratio right now touchdown to interception, and in his second year, those numbers were more like 4:1,'' he said. "A lot of that had to do for us with the personnel that was around him. We had a very young football team especially on the offensive line, when we got three injuries to our offensive line and some freshman had to play. Against Texas, the ball bounced off the facemask of a wide receiver and falls into the hands of a safety (for a pick-six). You need to look at each situation and look at the men around him.'' 

He added "at the end of the day, the greatest stat that matters is that he went 20-4 for us, won a Rose Bowl and a Pac-12 championship -- and that was all because of Sam Darnold.''


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