Ya his football IQ is low except for

By: Old Hickory Trojan

this fact, when Darnold scarmbled he was still able to find the patterns his receivers were running and would go to the third or fourth option more times then not....I guess the low IQ...he was merely guessing where th guys would be....but if you were interested here is what else the Head Coach said...and it appears to me that he talking about coaching up Darnold a lot...and you might want to look up the term witty....from the inteview with the Jets HC:

"On Darnold's turnover issues especially last season at Southern Cal... "They're fixable. Obviously, they're very fixable. You see the turnovers but you see him come back from them. You worry about a guy that turns it over and then goes into a shell as opposed to a guy that turns it over and then comes back even feistier than before. But he understands that and we'll work on that.""

"On Darnold's transition from USC to the Jets... "All the quarterbacks coming out in the draft were facing something different. They get with these quarterback coaches and they get ready for the combine, then get in camp with their team, in our case, Sam, and you've got learn footwork and scheme, you've got to learn what the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach want him to do differently. So there'll be a little adjustment period, from a footwork standpoint, a playbook standpoint, a huddle standpoint. But it's nothing he hasn't done.""

"On what Bowles sees as the "big picture" with Sam Darnold and the Jets... "The big picture is knowing his potential and thinking he can be a good quarterback for this team. And if he stays healthy, he can get everything down from a playbook standpoint and he plays a lot of years, time will tell. But we think a lot of him and obviously we took him at three because we think a lot of him. He's going to work and we're going to work with him and we'll go from there""

"On what the coach saw out of his new quarterback at his first pro practice... "He was good. Obviously we threw the ball around a little bit, and he'll be getting better. ... It was day one. He threw some good balls, he threw some balls that he's got to dust the rust off. Obviously on day one you expect that, but we're pleased the way he throws the ball.""

"On any nuances he's noticed about Sam's interactions with his new teammates... "Sams got a great personality, I'll put it out there, somewhat like mine. As you get to know him and be around him more and he gets more comfortable, he's a witty person.""


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