Going from 248 to 300 in four years...

By: Waldorf

...is not that big of a deal for a young adult who is involved in weight-training and plays a sport where bulk is important, AND who gains that kind of weight over a couple of years or more.  Of course, we're talking about "good" weight. 

A high school junior who is 195 lbs. and gets up to 248 lbs. in less than a year is a bit more curious.  Reminds me a guy I played with, who went from about 180 lbs. to about 230 lbs. in about five months.  That was definitely 'roids.  

If your friend is now about 200 lbs. or less, that's a positive for him.  No need to carry around 100 extra pounds if you don't need it.  (now all I need to do is convince myself of that)

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